In recent years, the evolution of home design has seen a significant shift towards open concept living. These spaces, free of interior walls and abundant in natural light, offer a blank canvas for families to design their dream homes. However, with this openness comes the challenge of lighting. Proper lighting is key to transforming these vast spaces into cozy, functional areas that cater to the diverse needs of a family. Progress Lighting is here to guide you through the process with essential tips for lighting your open floor plan.

Step One: Identify Zones for Your Lighting


The first step in planning your lighting is to consider how you will use each part of your open floor plan. The unique architectural features of your space, such as high ceilings and extensive windows, play a crucial role in the overall lighting design. To prevent over-lighting, think in terms of layers: ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting lays the foundation, task lighting addresses functional needs, and accent lighting adds depth and character.

Step Two: Select Task Lighting


Task lighting is indispensable, especially in multi-use spaces. In the kitchen, focus on fixtures that illuminate work surfaces like countertops and islands. For the dining area, choose lighting that enhances both the functionality and the beauty of the space, making it adaptable for various activities.

Step Three: Add Mood Lighting


The final layer, mood lighting, brings warmth and ambiance to your open floor plan. Incorporating accent lighting through wall sconces and lamps not only creates a comfortable environment but also elevates the space’s overall aesthetic.

Achieving a harmonious lighting scheme in an open concept plan is all about balance and creativity. By considering the finish and style of your fixtures in relation to other elements in your space, such as kitchen hardware and appliances, you can create a cohesive look that reflects your personal style.

Explore our blog for more insights and inspiration on making the most of your open floor plan with strategic lighting design. At Progress Lighting, we’re committed to helping you illuminate your home in ways that are both functional and beautiful, ensuring your space works perfectly for your family’s lifestyle.