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Best Mid-Size and Large Portable Generators of 2024

Best Mid-Size and Large Portable Generators for 2024

Looking for a reliable generator for power outages, camping trips, or work sites? Check out these top-rated mid-size and large portable generators for 2024. We’ve included both...

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How to Change Chirping Smoke Detectors: A Simple Guide

There’s nothing more annoying than the persistent chirp of a smoke detector with a low battery. It’s not just annoying—it’s a critical reminder that your home’s fire safety system needs attention. Here’s a simple guide on how to...


What to Do If Your Generator Isn't Working: A Simple Guide

What to Do If Your Generator Isn't Working

Heather Hindman

3 mins read

Smart home electrical services

How Do I Attach a Portable Generator to My House?

When a power outage hits, having a generator can be a lifesaver. It can keep your lights on, your refrigerator running, and your essential devices charged. But how do you safely and correctly attach a generator to your house?...

Smart home electrical services

How to Choose the Right Sized Generator

Portable generators are invaluable tools for providing power in various situations, from emergency outages to recreational outings. They come in different sizes, each suitable for different applications. In this post, we’ll...

Smart home electrical services

Choosing the Best Generator for EVs During Power Outages: Key Factors to Consider

Choosing the right generator to charge your electric vehicle (EV) is important, especially during hurricane season when power outages are common and can last a long time. A good generator makes sure your EV stays running, giving...

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Biggest Landscape Lighting Mistakes and How To Fix Them

Landscape lighting can transform your outdoor space into a magical nighttime oasis or a glaring misstep that leaves your guests shielding their eyes. While the allure of illuminating your home’s exterior is undeniable, diving...