As parents, keeping our kiddos safe is always top of mind, especially in today’s tech-filled world where gadgets are everywhere. It’s super important to teach them about electrical safety early on, but when’s the right time to start? And how do you make sure those lessons are right for their age? Well, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but experts reckon even little ones as young as three or four can start grasping the basics about electricity.
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  Bryan Hindman Electric is proud to support The Lion’s Club International by serving as a drop-off point for old eyeglasses. The Lion’s Club has a remarkable history of aiding those in need, with a focus on vision projects that have helped millions worldwide. Their commitment to community service and vision conservation has made a significant impact, recycling millions of eyeglasses annually to aid those with vision impairments. By donating your old eyeglasses at our
We were thrilled to lace up our sneakers and join the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, an event that hits close to home for many of us. Alzheimer’s is not just a statistic; it affects millions of families across the globe, with over 6 million Americans living with the disease. By participating, we wanted to shine a light on the importance of research, support, and hope for those affected. Together, with the incredible support of our

December 9, 2023

Staying Cozy without Overloading

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How to Safely Use Electric Heaters and Fireplaces As the mercury dips and we all seek ways to stay warm, electric heaters and fireplaces become our go-to solutions. While they offer the comfort of warmth, it’s crucial to be aware of their high electricity consumption and the risk of overloading circuits. Here are some tips to ensure you stay cozy and safe this winter season. Understanding Electric Heater and Fireplace Power Consumption Electric heaters and
Join us in celebrating the joy of the holiday season!  We proudly support The Women’s Chorus in Sun City Center.  This exceptional chorus is set to enchant you with their melodious voices and festive tunes. Mark your calendars for two spectacular performances: Monday, Dec. 4, at 3:00 PM, hosted at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Sun City Center. Friday, Dec. 8, at 7:00 PM, taking place at Sun City Center United Methodist Church. Come together with
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