1. Garland Disguise:Conceal unsightly TV cords with a beautiful leafy garland. Choose foliage like eucalyptus for a fresh, year-round look. Another solution is to install an outlet and brush plate directly behind your TV to completely eliminate visible cords.
  2. Lighting with Sconces: Elevateyour TV viewing area with the elegant glow of wall sconces. Opt for professionally installed electrical sconces to add both function and sophistication. These fixtures not only enhance the ambiance but also provide a permanent and polished look to your space.
  3. Mantel Symmetry:Achieve visual balance by flanking your TV with decorative topiaries or candle holders. Position them to not obstruct the TV while enriching the overall look. This arrangement draws the eye and frames the TV gracefully.
  4. Height Variation:Create a dynamic mantel display using the rule of thirds. Start with taller items at the back, transitioning to shorter ones in the front. This layered approach not only adds depth but also enhances the aesthetic appeal.
  5. Hearth Decor:Offset the focus from your TV by decorating the hearth. Consider a stylish arrangement of logs, blankets, or practical fireplace tools. Ensure all flammable items are moved before using the fireplace.
  6. Gallery Wall:Design a striking gallery wall around your TV. Mix and match frame sizes and styles for a unique look. Ensure the arrangement complements the TV, making it a part of the decor rather than just a necessity.
  7. Artistic TV:Consider installing a Frame TV that resembles a piece of art when not in use. Customize the display with your choice of art or photographs. This technology allows your TV to integrate seamlessly into your home décor, enhancing the overall elegance of the space.