Congratulations class of 2020 Graduate

Bryan Hindman Electric would like to help show some love to all of the Seniors who have worked so hard to be able to graduate. If you have a senior that is graduating in Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Riverview, Gibsonton or the rest of the SouthShore Area, please contact us for a free sign for your yard.

****Update on the “Congratulations Class of 2020!” Lawn Signs…We had a great response! Because so many families are interested 😊, we would like to start with the high school seniors (for many this may be the first or only graduation they would have experienced) and then expand to college, middle school, etc. depending upon how many we have. They will be white with black lettering with extra space to allow you to personalize and decorate them for your student and school colors. They are super cute – we’ll share soon.

We are expecting 800 signs on April 30th. Many people have offered to pay for them but this is just a simple gesture to an awesome community which has done so much for us!!! – it’s on us! If you do want to contribute somehow, I have seen a few school groups selling signs as fundraisers so if you are able to, I’m sure they can use your support. We are working on a plan regarding how to distribute them and will keep you updated.

Tampa Bay Residential Electricity Wiring Installation

Supplying patrons with honest Electricity Wiring Installation service that with quality and dependability. The first aim of Bryan Hindman Electric is to supply the best solutions for all of your residential wiring needs!

Contact with certified, licensed electrician at Tampa Bay today! You can reach us online anytime, or via phone at (813) 672-4084!

Tampa Bay Residential Electricity Wiring Installation

Residential electric wiring installation and repairing services
Proper electrical wiring is essential to ensure your electronic devices work properly and safely. No matter whatever your needs are, our certified electricians provide the right solution according to your needs.

Our experts can handle:
Appliance wiring
Complete Replacement or Improvement on Existing Wiring
Computer wiring.
Doorbell wiring.
Electrical upgrade to make sure your equipment and lighting works properly
Electrical wiring repair
Electrical Repair Service
Kitchen wiring.
Outlet and fixture wiring
Phone-jack wiring
Pool and hot tub wiring.
Smoke detector wiring.


Bryan Hindman is a Florida State Certified Electrical Contractor and owner of Bryan Hindman Electric, LLC. Bryan brings over 20 years of experience in the electrical field. Prior to becoming an Electrical Contractor, Bryan held both Project Manager and Vice President positions as a State Certified
Tampa’s best residential wiring installers

Our Service Locations:
Apollo Beach, FL
Riverview, FL
Wimauma, FL
Sun City FL
Gibsonton, FL
Tampa, FL
Brandon, FL
Lithia, FL
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Manatee County
Bradenton, FL
Parrish, FL
Palmetto, Fl
Ellenton, FL

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8/1 Greater Riverview Chamber of Commerce Teaching to Excellence New Teacher Breakfast – So excited to once again being a “Supply Stop” for this great event!  This year we will be providing some new teacher inspirational kits. 

Teacher Supplies Contest

7/28-8/1 Classroom White Board Set Contest – Win an awesome class set of 36 student whiteboards, erasers, and markers.  Enter to win on our FB page!

Teaching for Excellence – Sponsored by Your Riverview Electricians

7/24-7/27 Teacher Supply Contest – Are you a teacher getting ready to go back to school?  Go to our FB page to enter to win some great supplies or nominate a special teacher in your life!

Brandon Electrician Teaches Fun Static Electricity Investigations for Kids…

Electricity is highly dangerous, and we, your Brandon Electrician, spend a lot of time educating our customers in neighboring communities – from Sun City Center to Parrish to Riverview – about ways to stay safe. There is one type of electricity that is safe and fun for kids (and curious grown-ups :-)) to investigate! STATIC ELECTRICITY!!!

We recently had the opportunity to visit a preschool in Apollo Beach and share some fun static electricity activities. Grab a balloon and have fun!

1. The Einstein Look – Simply rub the balloon in your hair and watch it fly!
2. Push the Can – Rub a balloon in your hair or on your clothing. Lay a clean, dry soda can on it’s side. Hover the balloon over the can and move it to the left and right. Watch it magically roll.
3. Paper Pick Up – Tear small pieces of paper, rub the balloon in your hair and hover it over the paper. Watch the paper “jump” and stick to the balloon. Try various types of paper – construction paper, printer paper, tissue paper, etc. and see which works best.
4. Bend the Water – This is the most challenging! Turn the faucet on until you have a thin, steady flow of water. Move the balloon around the water. It may take a few tries and some patience, but you can actually bend the stream of water!

Space Heater Electricity Concerns in Apollo Beach, Parrish and Riverview

Tips you may not know about…

  As Floridians, we are often reluctant to turn our thermostats up but reach instead for our space heaters. With so many homes with small children and pets in the Apollo Beach, Parrish and Riverview areas, there are some important tips to follow.   We have all heard the standard safety measures – keep kids and pets away, make sure cords are not a tripping hazard, and keep them on a level surface. Here are a few tips you may not have heard. Opt for a space heater with a an automatic shut off feature, avoid running them overnight, and always check for a UL mark.  

Stay safe and stay warm!

Tripping breaker with fireplace and heaters in Riverview

I must admit that after 20 years in Florida I find I need a parka in 50 degree weather! Like many of our neighbors in Apollo Beach and Riverview, I have purchased an electric fireplace. What better way to cozy up and gain a beautiful piece of furniture?   Just as your toes are getting toasty, your breaker trips! From Mira Bay to Valencia Lakes to Waterset, we are receiving calls about tripped breakers. Many of our customers don’t realize that electric heaters draw ALOT of power. I’m certainly not ready to give up my new fireplace! The answer? A designated circuit.

FishHawk and Riverview Electrician Advice about GFI’s

FishHawk and Riverview Electrician Advice about GFI’s

Are your GFI’s tripping in FishHawk or Riverview?
We’ve gotten a lot of calls from our neighbors in Riverview and FishHawk about holiday lights shutting off.  In many cases, it’s simply the GFIs tripping.  GFIs trip when they become wet as a protective measure.  Although it can be an inconvenience, they are doing their job!  It can sometimes take several days for GFIs to dry out after events such as rain or having your home pressure washed.  And don’t forget your sprinkler system!

Join our Riverview Electrician Team – Looking for an apprentice

We love our employees and team members. As your certified Riverview and Brandon Electricians, we are currently expanding our team. If you are interested in being an electrician apprentice, give us a call. We would love to speak with you and see if you have what it takes to be a member of our team.