What are Tamper Resistant Outlets, why are they important, and how the heck do I use them? 

Remember the days of being terrified that your toddler would try to ram objects into outlets?  You may be surprised to find that tamper resistant outlets have been around for quite a while and are required per National Electrical Codes.  They are a game changer in helping reduce the possibility of electrocution. Tamper resistant outlets are a more adept way for childproofing and keep your family safe at home. Unfortunately, they can be tricky to plug into if you don’t understand how they work.

Tamper Resistant Outlets have shutters inside, and they will not open if only one side is being pushed on. So, in order for them to open to allow a plug in, both sides have to be pushed in simultaneously. Expect to feel a little resistance, but if you push in both prongs in correctly, you will quickly get the hang of it.

If you’re feeling a lot of resistance and it’s not going in, it’s probably not the outlet, probably because the prongs are bent or an issue with the plug, so it’s time to call 813-672-4084 the Bryan Hindman Electric for Tamper Outlet installation in Tampa Bay.

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