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How To Hire A Licensed Electrician In Florida?

How does one go about becoming an electrician in Florida? The simple answer is to go to a trade school. There are three essential avenues for pursuing a career as a certified electrical contractor in Florida. You can either enter a college program, a union apprenticeship or take up independent training.


A  fundamental part of becoming a licensed electrician in Florida is highly dependent on the individual county or area where the electricians want to work in. Nonetheless, if you are an independent certified electrical contractor then you are not required to get a state-level electrical license (you would only require a country license).

Certified Electrical Contractor Florida

Meanwhile, all electricians in the state, both individuals & collectives, require a state-given general certification contractor license on top of their electrical licensing.

4 General Categories of Electrical Contractors In Florida

Electrical contractors for hire can just work in the region where they are authorized, instead of statewide. As mentioned above only electrical organizations need statewide certificates. Separately, circuit testers shouldn’t be enrolled with the state, simply in their district.


There are just two sorts of licenses for singular circuit repairmen in Florida: apprentice and expert. An electrician in Florida needs to function as an understudy to acquire understudy status, yet disciples themselves needn’t bother with a permit.


  1. Certified Electrician (EC): Certified contractors for hire can work anyplace in Florida.
  2. Certified Electrical Specialty Contractor (ES): Specialty Contractors, as the name suggests, represent considerable authority in a particular part of the field, for example, caution establishment and support.
  3. Enlisted Electrician (ER): Registered contractors for hire can just work in the province where they are authorized.
  4. Registered Electrical Specialty Contractor: Likewise, Registered Electrical Specialty

Why Do You Need To Hire A Licensed Electrician?

Managing & operating electricity and allowing strangers into your home is sensitive business. Hence, it is always a good idea to verify that the technicians coming into your home are well-trained and licensed to do the work they are assigned to in your area. It is also quite essential that the electrician in Florida is a certified electrical contractor who is up-to-date with code requirements & local laws.

How Can I Verify My Electrician’s License?

Fortunately, there are licensing associations that give this data. For instance, The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has an Electrical Contractors Licensing Board that “licenses and directs electrical and caution project workers to perform electrical and alert administrations in the state”. Indeed, even still, there are straightforward advances you can take to expand electrical security in your Florida home:


Stage 1: Check that the permit coordinates with the circuit tester’s name or then again if the permit is for a project worker, confirm the individual is part of the licensed electricians in Florida by the authorized organization by reaching them.


Stage 2: Ask for your electrical expert’s permit and utilize the number or name to confirm if an electrical technician is authorized to work locally. You can contact Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation Electrical Contractors Licensing Board to do as such.


Stage 3: Request evidence of risk protection fills in too. Contact the insurance agency and request a check for an electrician in Florida.

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