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How To Select The Best Exterior Light Fixtures?

Are you worried that your back porch looks dark &uninviting? Is your front doorway not as warm & welcoming as it should be? Worry no more, you can solve these issues with great external lights!

Updating your outside fixtures can liven up (and enlighten) your outdoor area and boost your curb appeal. Not sure how to go about doing that? Then here we are as the best electrician in the Wimauma, Florida area to help you!

Here are our top four things to consider before selecting the best exterior light fixtures for your home as an experienced Wimauma Electrical Services Provider. Good external lightings shouldhavethefollowingfourqualitiestomakethemgreatadditionstoyourhomethatwilltake your house’s look to the nextlevel!


Lighting Fixture Size

Exterior lighting fixtures can make or break your home’s look, hence you must be careful with all aspects of external lights. The primary thing to consider is the size of the light that you will install.

A good Wimauma Electrical Services Provider would recommend that you don’t go overboard with the size of your lights. For entryway fixtures, a good rule of thumb is to select a fixture that is approximately 1/3 or 1/4 the height of the front door.

Light Color & Style

Acrucialfactorthatyouneedtopayattentiontowardswhileselectingexteriorlightfixturesare the colors & style of the lights. A good Wimauma Electrical Services Provider would tell you to maintain your overall house aesthetic and not buy anything too adventurous.

Mount Placement Height

The mount placement of the lighting fixture holds critical importance towards getting the desired look, especially in places like Wimauma Florida. The majority of wall-placed light fixtures applications, lights that are eye-level are tastefully satisfying. This is about 66 to 72 inches above the floor for most front doors, entries, and garage-mounted lights.

Illumination Capacity

The goal of installing an exterior lighting fixture is to brighten a space without being overbearing. Therefore, to achieve this goal you need to measure the placement & illumination capacity of your light.

Any good Wimauma Electrical Services Provider would tell you to go for high-capacity lights to better illuminate your driveways/garages. For your porch, front/back door, etc. it is recommended to go for smaller and softer LED lights to create a cozy atmosphere.

Power surges

Many people associate Electrical Surges with lightning. In fact, most homes experience 20 surges a day, most stemming from other issues. Power surges are both internal and external. They can be caused by anything from an animal getting into a transformer, someone working on a power line, starting up an appliance (motor) like your hair dryer, a tree limb touching a power line, or, yes, lightning hitting something nearby. A simple and affordable way to protect your investment – your home of course – is to install a whole house surge protector.

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Power surges

The History of the Light Bulb – they’re not as young as you think!

When we think about early light bulbs, the name “Edison” inevitably pops into mind. But there is actually an interesting history of experimentation with creating light sources in glass bulbs that began long before Thomas Edison came on the scene.

In 1710, a British scientist named Francis Hauksbee experimented with static electricity and glass globes to create a glow. In 1802 Humphry Davy used platinum to create an incandescent light. Throughout the 19th century, scientists and inventors worked hard to perfect the ability to create light in bulbs. Charles Francis Brush was somewhat successful and started the “Brush Electric Company” in 1880.


October 21, 1889 is the date credited as the time of invention of the light bulb containing a carbon filament created by Thomas Edison and Lewis Howard Latimer (yes, there was another brilliant mind involved!). The first public demonstration was held in New Jersey on New Year’s Eve in 1879. Quite a way to ring in the New Year!

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Why A Certified Licensed Electrician is Required

Whenever you find yourself in need of an electrical contractor, you might be wondering if it really matters if they are a Certified Licensed Electrician or not. A low quality or unskilled electrician’s work can result in defective wiring or worse, fires! A house fire is an extremely devastating event and to make things even worse the insurance company can refuse to pay if you hired an unlicensed electrician to do the work.


Certified Electricians in Florida


If there were to be any issues that resulted in damage to the property it is much easier for insurance companies to justify the liability of insurance if the contractor was a Licensed Electrician. If the hired electrician is not licensed then the homeowner is more likely to pay for the damages to home.

We hope that this helps you to better understand the importance of hiring a Certified Licensed Electrician for your next project.


If you are in need of electric repair services in Tampa, Florida or nearby areas Call Now! (813) 672-4084!! Bryan Hindman Electric are Certified Licensed Electricians in Florida.

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Supplying patrons with honest Electricity Wiring Installation service that with quality and dependability. The first aim of Bryan Hindman Electric is to supply the best solutions for all of your residential wiring needs!

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Smoke detector wiring.


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FishHawk and Riverview Electrician Advice about GFI’s

FishHawk and Riverview Electrician Advice about GFI’s

Are your GFI’s tripping in FishHawk or Riverview?
We’ve gotten a lot of calls from our neighbors in Riverview and FishHawk about holiday lights shutting off.  In many cases, it’s simply the GFIs tripping.  GFIs trip when they become wet as a protective measure.  Although it can be an inconvenience, they are doing their job!  It can sometimes take several days for GFIs to dry out after events such as rain or having your home pressure washed.  And don’t forget your sprinkler system!

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