Electrical Upgrades and Electrical Panel Replacement Tampa Fl

Are you thinking about adding on to your home in Riverview Florida? Have you noticed that your lights have been flashing on and off lately? Do you have a breaker that trips frequently?

Many homes in and around Riverview, Apollo Beach, Tampa, and Florida contain aluminium wiring, which you may or may not be aware of. More than copper wiring, these homes run the risk of overheating. We team provides secure options for electrical upgrades and panel replacements. You may or may not know that most houses in and around Riverview, Apollo Beach, Tampa, and Brandon have aluminium wiring. Rest assured knowing that we provide you with safe solutions for electrical Upgrades and Electrical Panel Replacement.


Benefits of Electrical Upgrades and Electrical Panel Replacement

Circuit breakers tripping

You recently installed a new air conditioner, and now whenever you turn it on, your circuit breakers trip. What could the issue be? An overloaded circuit causes circuit breakers to trip and cut off the electrical flow. It takes 25–40 years to replace an electric panel. You no longer need to worry about using the microwave and coffee maker simultaneously. The electrical equipment in your home should be upgraded to provide you with more freedom so you can enjoy more household activities without worrying about electrical shock or fire.



Aluminium wire is far less durable than copper wiring, so if it overheats in any way, things could rapidly go wrong. The aluminium conductor within your wiring can quickly get damaged by intense heat due to the fact that aluminium wiring has a substantially lower melting point than copper wiring.


Reduced Corrosive

In addition to the above-listed factors, copper wiring is far less corrosion-resistant than aluminium wiring. Over time, aluminium wiring is prone to corrode and this corrosion may easily find its way into the spaces between your wiring and any other type of metal, impairing its conductivity. Copper wiring, on the other hand, doesn’t corrode in the same manner which makes it a much safer alternative.


Home Security

You’ll be doing your house a huge favor by making it a safer dwelling in addition to also improving its electrical capacity! Your house will be safer from fires and other electrical calamities since you are prepared and made sure your electric panel was modernized. Additionally, upgrading your electric panel could even raise the value of your house. If you’re thinking of moving, replacing your electric panel can make it more appealing to prospective buyers because they won’t have to do themselves after they move in.


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