Aluminum Wire Installation Riverview Tampa

Aluminum Wire Installation

You may or may not know that most Florida homes in Tampa, Ruskin and Riverview have aluminum wiring. These houses are in danger of getting heated up more than copper wiring. At ABC, we provide you with safe solutions for aluminum wire installation or aluminum wiring replacement.


Benefits of Replacing Aluminum Wiring With Copper Wiring


Aluminum wiring is far less resilient than copper wiring, so if it experiences any form of overheating, things could go wrong very quickly. Given that aluminum has a significantly lower melting point than copper wiring, excessive heat can quickly hurt the aluminum conductor inside your wiring.


Because aluminum is generally less dense than copper, it conducts electricity less efficiently than copper wiring. Aluminum wiring tends to be less dense and flexible than copper wiring, which also influences its level of conductivity when you hire a professional electrician to work on your aluminum wiring.


Aluminum wiring just can’t compete with copper wiring in terms of pure conductivity. In other words, you simply can’t channel the same amount of electricity through aluminum wiring as you would be able to transfer through copper wiring of the same size. Aluminum wiring has a volume conductivity that is less than what you can expect from copper wiring of the same gauge. A bigger gauge of aluminum wiring is typically used to compensate for this. In turn, the additional wiring does tend to take up more room.

Less Corrosive

In addition to everything mentioned above, copper wiring is far less resistant to corrosion than aluminum wiring. Aluminum wiring has a propensity to corrode over time, and this corrosion may easily work its way into the gaps between your wiring and any other form of metal, damaging the conductivity of your aluminum wiring. On the other hand, copper wiring doesn’t corrode in the same way making is long lasting alternative to aluminum wiring.

Protect Your House from Fire by Replacing Outdated Aluminum Wiring

If your home dates back to the 1960s and 1970s, don’t put your family at risk of fire hazards a longer. Call us at ABC and our professional team will provide you with the best assistance in getting your home updated with copper wiring.

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