Certified Electricians in Florida – All You Need to Know

Electricians are skilled home service professionals who fix electrical appliances, faulty wiring, and more. They do this for factories, homes, and businesses. The skills that they’ve harbored over time have made being an electrician a good career choice. The other side of the story is that certified electricians in Florida make a great living. Electricians in Florida or any other place must work on complex projects all day long and switch between multiple tasks. 

Handling electricity is a delicate job, and you can’t just let strangers in your home or business. Therefore, you need a certified electrical repair technician for your Florida home. Before you hire electricians in Florida, you need to make sure they’re trained and licensed to work in your area. 

Certified Electricians in Florida

How Do I Verify if My Electrician is Certified?

Fortunately, some organizations can provide you with a list of certified electricians in Florida. The “Department of Business & Professional Regulation” has an Electrical Contractors Licensing Board that regulates electrical and alarm contractors. But there are still some steps you can take to maximize electrical safety in Florida. Here’s how to check if electricians in Florida are licensed: 

1. Check that the license matches the electrician’s name or if the license is for a contractor, make sure that the person is currently employed by the licensed company.

2. Ask for your electrician’s license and use the number or name to authenticate if an electrician is licensed to work in your community. To cross-check the license data, you need to contact “Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation Electrical Contractors Licensing Board”.

3. Always ask for proof of liability insurance as well. Contact the insurance company and ask for verification.  

Before you let a stranger in your home for electric repair in Florida, you need to verify if they’re licensed. 

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