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How to know If Your Circuit Breaker Is Bad?

Circuit breakers are critical electrical equipment that can fail for a multitude of reasons. More often than not, it is due to an overloaded circuit or a circuit that shorted or wasn’t reset properly. Taking care of your circuitry is a task that must be handled by professionals like our certified electricians in Gibsonton Florida. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep yourself in the know of how to tell if your circuit breaker is bad or not?

Do You Think Your Circuit Breaker Is Bad?

Do you for any reason think your circuit breaker has a problem? There are many reasons to think this way, an old and dilapidated breaker might be one of them.Before you contact a professional; you first need to make sure that your circuit breaker is indeed bad.

Locate The Circuit the Breaker Is Safeguarding

The first time you notice an issue with your circuit breaker you will need to determine which specific circuit the breaker is protecting. To achieve this, you must find the electrical panel and look for the following:

  • A label that is right next to the breaker that’stripping.
  • A graphic diagram on the circuit panel door.

On the rare occasion if there isn’t a diagram on the circuit panel door, then don’t waste any time and simply contact a professional like our certified electricians in Gibsonton Florida right away.

Disconnect All Your Electrical Devices from the Circuit

Once you’ve identified the circuit that is constrained by the tripped circuit breaker, ensure the breaker is in the OFF position, and unplug all devices in the circuit. Doing this disposes of any opportunity of an electrical flood or other electrical issues happening as you complete stage 3.

Reset Your Circuit Breaker

After all the machines are unplugged, you can reset the breaker by exchanging it back to the ON position. If you don’t hear and feel an unmistakable snap when you flip the breaker switch, the electrical switch may have an issue that might need professional help from experts like our certified electricians in Gibsonton Florida.

After resetting the electrical switch, if it doesn’t trip again promptly, the issue was likely an over-burden circuit. Move a few fittings over to an alternate circuit,

and after ward, reset the electrical switch once more. On the off chance that the electrical switch trips again quickly, you either a short out or a bad breaker.

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