Why A Certified Licensed Electrician is Required

Whenever you find yourself in need of an electrical contractor, you might be wondering if it really matters if they are a Certified Licensed Electrician or not. A low quality or unskilled electrician’s work can result in defective wiring or worse, fires! A house fire is an extremely devastating event and to make things even worse the insurance company can refuse to pay if you hired an unlicensed electrician to do the work.


Certified Electricians in Florida


If there were to be any issues that resulted in damage to the property it is much easier for insurance companies to justify the liability of insurance if the contractor was a Licensed Electrician. If the hired electrician is not licensed then the homeowner is more likely to pay for the damages to home.

We hope that this helps you to better understand the importance of hiring a Certified Licensed Electrician for your next project.


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