Summer Lightning

Summer Lightning

While summer lightening may put on an impressive show, it can also cause dangerous electrical surges. A direct lightening strike can cause fire and considerable damage but in most cases it’s the far less impressive events that cause damage. One way to protect your home from electrical surges caused by even minor weather events is to install a whole house surge protectors.

Surge protectors are installed in your electrical panel. They protect everything that is hard wired in your home such as fans, lights, switches, and smoke detectors. It also protects items such as appliances, electronics, and anything else you may have plugged it. It even protects your a/c unit and pool pump! Some homeowners will opt to install additional surge protectors on large items such as a/c units or specialized surge protectors for phone/coax lines and electronics as well. In general, additional surge protectors are not really necessary but may offer advantages when it comes to warranties. The lifetime warranty on the device we install offers additional peace of mind. If your surge protector is ever damaged (which usually means it did it’s job), the manufacturer will replace it free of charge.

For more information, see our post “Sunny Weather & Surges – the little known facts.”



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