Do LED’s Repel Bugs?

When LEDs first emerged, it was thought that along with all of the other benefits of using them, they also did not attract bugs.  Over time, it was found that while this has some truth to it, it isn’t completely the case.  Bugs are attracted to UV rays.  LEDs produce little of these, which is where some of the idea originated.  LEDs also remain cool, however, the real issue is not heat but color. In general, bugs can’t see red but can see blue.  That’s why those good old bug zappers were blue.  So, if you’re having an issue with bugs, it’s probably time to switch to a colored LED bulb.  Red is ideal, but may not mesh well with your decor.  A soft orange or yellow bulb is best. They only use about 3 watts (great on energy usage) but aren’t extremely bright – they produce enough light for relaxing and maybe enjoying a meal outdoors but not necessarily for immersing yourself in heavy reading (the old paper books, not on the new fangled nicely light devices).  So, if you’re looking for reducing pesky bugs, adding some nice ambiance on your patio, and lessening disruption of other wildlife, colored LEDs may be the way to go.

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