LEDs – The Next Big Thing?

LEDs are the next big thing – and it looks like they’re here to stay – for several reasons. First of all, they are amazingly energy efficient. While a traditional incandescent bulb may use 40 watts of electricity, an LED will use only 4 or 5. They also cost pennies on the dollar on your electric bill. The down side? They are more expensive than traditional bulbs as an initial investment,, but with the promise of lasting anywhere from 8 to 28 + years, you will certainly regain your losses. LEDs also come in several colors – a 2700 giving off a warm color and a 5000 producing a cool, blue color, great for task lighting or if you just prefer it, with other colors in between. They also don’t get hot believe it or not. So, when you do get ready to change it, assuming you outlast the bulb as promised, go ahead and reach for it. You’ll be safe.

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